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CraneBoard ARM? Based Development Board(TPS23750)

2017-06-19 15:34  
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CraneBoard Development Kit 

This article describes the CraneBoard ARM ® Based Development Board (TPS23750). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: TPS23750.

Today Mistral Solutions announced CraneBoard, a new low-cost ARM?-based development board, offers designers a fully open source printed circuit board (PCB) and design to reduce development costs. CraneBoard provides a cost-effective, alternative development option to Texas Instruments’ (TI) AM35x Sitara? ARM? Cortex?-A8 microprocessors (MPUs) evaluation module (EVM). It also utilizes community support and resources from the popular, open source BeagleBoard community. The CraneBoard is available today from Mistral and a number of distributors, including DigiKey, starting at $199.

Based on TI’s AM35x SitaraARMCortex-A8MPU, the CraneBoard provides new features not available on existing open source, low-cost development boards, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Controller Area Network (CAN) bus interfaces. Both the PoE andCANinterfaces can be used in industrial applications such as human machine interface (HMI), andCANis also suitable for automotive applications.

The CraneBoard offers numerous integrated peripherals and provides users with flexible power options, such as a power-over-DC wall adapter, PoE enabled by TI’s TPS23750 PoE controller, andUSB, which allows for portability. An expansion port allows the ability to easily add functionality such as anLCDpanel, along with wireless and audio capabilities and is compatible with otherARMCortex-A8 open source boards. A complete open source board support package (BSP) for Linux is available from CraneBoard.org.

By leveraging BeagleBoard.org , TI SitaraARMMPUandARMcommunities, CraneBoard users can share ideas, projects, and engage in discussions with fellow developers to utilize knowledge and resources for design and development. The CraneBoard also provides a reference platform for hardware and software developers to easily duplicate these designs, allowing them to go to market faster. By utilizing AM3517 SitaraARMMPUadvanced packaging, designers can implement low-cost, four-layerPCBdesigns. Additionally, the CraneBoard is code compatible with other TIARMCortex-A8-based devices, allowing designers to add varying functionalities and utilize previous code investments, while designing with confidence for future devices.


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