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2017-09-04 16:30  
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The LT1012 corrects de errors in the booster stage, and does not set high-frequency signals. Fast signals are fed directly to the stage via Q5 and the 0.01-uF coupling capacitors. De and low-frequency signals drive the stage via the op-amp`s output. The output stage consists of current sources, Q1 and Q2, driving the Q3-Q5 and Q4-Q7 complementary emitter follows. The diode network at the output steers drive away from the transistor bases when output current exceeds 250 mA, providing fast short-circuit protection.

The circuit`s high frequency summing node is the junction of the 1-K and 10-K resistors at the LT1012. The 10 K/39 pF pair filters high frequencies, perruitting accurate de summation at the LT1012`s positive input. This current-boosted amplifier has a slew rate in excess of 1000 Vii`s, a full power bandwidth of 7.5 MHz and a 3-dB point of 14 MHz.

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