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DDR3 1.5V VDDQ/20A 0.75VTT/?10A 4.5V to 14V Input

2018-05-03 08:05  
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View Full Size Image View Original DatasheetDDR3 1.5V VDDQ/20A 0.75VTT/±10A 4.5V to 14V Input

The LTC3876 is a complete DDR power solution, compatible with DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and future DDRX lower voltage standards. The LTC3876 includes VDDQ and VTT DC/DC controllers and a precision linear VTT reference. A differential output sense amplifier and precision internal reference combine to offer an accurate VDDQ supply. The VTT controller tracks the precision VTTR linear reference with less than 20mV total DC error. The precision VTTR reference maintains 1.2% regulation accuracy tracking onehalf VDDQ over temperature for a ±50mA reference load.

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