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DIY DOT Graffiti Painter

2017-11-23 07:18  
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Do you love to spray your graffiti at public walls, but scared to be caught in red handed?

Well, why don’t create a DIY DOT Graffiti Painter and enjoy the fun of spraying as you wish?

Firstly, we need to have these following materials:

    8 12vDC direct acting 1/4″BSP solenoid valves3 inflatable wheelbarrow style wheelsZ4 Nuclear / Biological / Chemical test set boxA PIC 16F876A

    Start the project with building a spray bar and back axle. You need to mount the three inflatable wheelbarrow style wheels on it. Then, you need to make the spray bar adjustable up and down.

    After it, mount all of the eight solenoid valves on an old PCI blanking plate and hung it over the spray bar. Add the Z4 Nuclear / Biological / Chemical test set box to spice up the effect of the project. This tool features with a push button, a three position rotory switch and a 12 position rotory switch. These features made the controlling process even easier.

    Lastly, we need to handle the electric part and this thing is ready to spray.


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