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DIY unique PCB Drill

2017-12-22 05:54  
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This PCB drill is made of wood and looks really cool. Wouldn’t mind to have one on my table. Design is very unique – it uses various custom made parts, motors from old printers and VCR’s. Author even simulated all design code on a Labcenter’s Proteus VSM.

diy wood pcb drill

“Made from Dremel drill and drill press. I removed the bottom plate & mounted the column to the back with U-bolts. Acrylic is so easy to work with. It can be cut, drilled milled & glued and ita€?s very strong, doesna€?t warp or break easily. The design is the same as the big PCB drills, the table moves, not the drill head. With the exception the real machine tables Ia€?ve worked around ride on air. Like the old air hockey tables Important note: These NEMA teen motors dona€?t have enough torque to drive the table (no bearings).”

If you want to clone or own this masterpiece – you probably should contact author to get more details. [link]

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