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DPA 220 schematic showing

2017-08-16 08:09  
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This article is a schematic diagram showing DPA 220. The  circuit  is simple but effective. For you to better grasp the principle, the proposed combination of text to read the schematic. T1 T6 create the input differential stage. Zener diode D7 and D8 stable at 5 v. These are just the most simple low-power zeners, only they must be 200 milivolts coupling tolerances, this should not be a problem. T1 T6 is a common generic low-power transistors and high amplification. Six, perhaps the next four to be coupled to the tolerance of 25%. T7 and fast T8, switch the type of application. T9 and T10 must be fast, must maintain a high voltage, so the best is "Video" --BF469/470 type. T15 and t16.1 the same type. The C9, C10, and such should stand higher than usual voltage 50 V. D3, D6 may be any silicone type, not Scottky, listed below is a common low current 150 v. These diodes should be relatively fast, "toggle type." T11 and diagnostic stable bias current of the power stage. T11 also as a temperature sensor, mounted in the cooler of the power transistor. T13 and T14 safe output current - in cooperation and R39 R38. Amp output filter to improve the stability of the complex impedance of the speaker. After a second high-power resistor, the coil was 13 turn a 1.2 mm barbed wire in 8 mm (diameter). R43 placed in coaxial coils. 




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