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Dare to Have a Surgical Operation with Robot Surgeon?

2017-11-27 09:13  
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Every person has his/her own fear. Some are afraid of height, water, insects and much more. We’re normally called this extreme fear as “Phobia”.

Believe it or not, some people seem to be normal, based on their appearance, but they’re fearing of getting surgery! Although it is not too much of such cases, but it does appears amongst us…

Well, you know what? A brilliant research team from Duke University has discovered the new approach, where they’ve found the way to insert the needle to a silver of steel shrapnel, without even human help!

Robot surgeon

According to Steve Smith, the doctor at Duke University said that the technology would help to reduce the cost and time, especially when you’re undergoing a biopsy or the surgical operations.

Smith mentioned, with the invention of the new technology, the users might have a ten-dollar biopsy done inside a supermarket, fast and no hassle at all!

Smith’s next step is to modify the robot surgeons into an independent device, which is could be used for other medical procedures, besides of finding tiny shrapnel!

However, Smith thought that it would take about ten years, if we want to see a fully automated robotic surgeon, which can act as a real human surgeon in the surgery room! [discovery]

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