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Dark Detector(NE555)

2017-08-05 22:17  
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This article briefly describes the Dark Detector (NE555). This principle is easy to understand, but also very practical. Depth understanding of circuit elements, can be more effective to grasp this principle. Do you know the circuit, for example, can understand and buy these components: NE555 .

The dark detector circuit shown here can be used to produce an audible alarm when the light inside a room goesOFF. The circuit is build around timer IC NE555. A general purposeLDRis used for sensing the light. When proper light is falling on theLDRits resistance is very low. When there is no light theLDRresistance increases. At this time the IC is triggered and drives the buzzer to produce an alarm sound. If a transistor and relay is connected at the output (pin3) of IC1 instead of the buzzer, electrical appliances can be switched according to the light.


Figure:1 Dark Detector Circuit

Figure 1 Dark Detector Circuit


TheLDR,R4 can be any general purposeLDR.The circuit must be assembled on a good qualityPCBor common board.The circuit can be powered from a 9V PP3 battery.ThePOT,R3 can be sued as a volume controller.Mount the IC1 on a holder.It will make replacements easy. 


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