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David Jones -Tronnort Technology (MAX038)

2017-04-29 19:13  
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This article describes the David Jones-Tronnort Technology (MAX038). The content is very simple, very helpful. Components in this article can help you understand better understanding of this article. For example, in this article, you can go to find and buy these components: MAX038. 

- As published in Silicon Chip magazine Oct-Dec 2003. A very comprehensive three part tutorial on how to professionally design and lay out PCBs. Learn all the tricks of the trade! A ground breaking article.

- A very low cost 1Hz to 10MHz sine/square function generator using a novel "sliding window" display. Based on the Analog Devices AD9835 DDS chip.


- A 20MHz Sine/Square/Triangle function generator based on the Maxim MAX038 chip.

- A simple and low cost PC Based digital storage scope using a novel architecture.

- A simple and low cost Programmable logic controller based on the Finite State Machine concept. Complete with custom compiler software and source code.



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