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Dc Output voltage Chopper Circuit

2017-08-16 05:10  
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A DC chopper is a static device that converts fixed dc input voltage to a variable dc output voltage directly.  A chopper can be said as dc equivalent of an ac transformer as they behave in an identical manner. A chopper system has a high efficiency, fast response and a smooth control.Any dc voltage source in the 2- to 15-V range can be chopped into a unipolar square wave that has a peak amplitude nearly equal to the dc source voltage-with circuit (lightly loadedCMOSwill swing within a few millivolts of each rail at low frequencies). Depending on the actual voltage of the supply, the programmable-unijunction-transistor (PUT) relaxation oscillator produces 2000-Hz trigger pulses.These pulses operate the cascaded 74C107 flip-flop, producing a square wave. A chopper circuit use a current controlled switch to limit the amount of current flowing in the coil.

Dc Output Chopper Circuit