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Development boards and Tools (L9261)

2017-06-06 21:05  
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Designs, prototypes and manufactures printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies and complete electronic products.


SAM9-L9261 is development platform with ARM9 microcontroller, TFT LCD 3.5″ 320×240 pixels with TOUCHSCREEN.

SAM9-L9261 Development Platform with ARM9

64MB SDRAM, 512MB NAND Flash. Ethernet 100Mbit controller, USB host, USB device, RS232 and 40 pin extension port with all unused SAM9261 ports available for add-on boards. Runs Linux, WindowsCE and other RTOS natively. RTC – 3V Li battery.


is the first member of a pin-compatible ARM9-based microcontroller family that shares the same programming model as ARM7-based controllers.

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