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Drawdio ? It?s Time to Draw Your Music!

2017-11-21 18:08  
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When someone tells you that you can draw your favorite music by simply using a pencil, would you consider that person a nuts? Honestly, it’s very hard to convince the public that we can actually drawing the music with only a 2B pencil!

However, nothing is impossible, especially in this bizarre 21stcentury, where many wacky-doo stuffs available in the market. Well, thanks to the Drawdio, the magical tool that turns your ordinary pencil into a music drawer.


Some of you here must be wondering, “How Drawdio got its name?” Actually, Drawdio is the combination words of “Draw Audio”. It cuts away the ‘Au’ part, and combined it became “Drawdio”!

To be honest, it’s one of the most amazing devices that being invented in the early 21stcentury. For your information, it’s definitely a great tool, especially for the beginners. There are many possibilities can be created by using the Drawdio.

Drawdio is a very simple musical synthesizer. It uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sound effects. A single AAA battery can operate the Drawdio for many hours, even the “nearly dead” batteries will work fined with the tool. In this case, you can use the battery till its last drop! It’s truly an environmental friendly device as well.

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