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Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761

2018-01-25 13:29  
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A friend of me you one take an interest a side Sound Audio the very. He takes an interest to want to build Pre tone Control which use the integrated circuit OP-AMP. By these circuit often use power supply Model Dual DC Regulator which have Voltage Value about 15V Ground and -15V. I then advise to give him chooses to use the integrated circuit number LM7815 and LM7915 because good convenient. But in sometimes using integrated circuit inappropriate suit follow the situation that. Such as seek buy the integrated circuit no, the expensive etc. I then advise Dual DC Regulator 15V using Transistor C1061 and A761. Because use Transistor all , seek easy and sometimes you still antiques sheep comes to use can replace. By Transistor use get many the number , TIP41,TIP31,MJE3055 , and , TIP42,TIP32,MJE2955 etc. Unless still systematically protect through the circuit with. And still give current about 1A-2A as well. Almost forget friends must use transformer 1-2A size with. And me press model PCB for the convenience of friends with. Request have fun Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761 , please sir.
PCB Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761

Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761

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