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Eco-Friendly and CO2 Free ??? CallABike Concept

2017-12-22 19:57  
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Are you a eco-green lover/supporter? If you are, then this “CallABike” concept will be a good choice to show your concern to the environment.

A Germany eco-concept company, Die Bahn offers a service named “CallABike” system.

This is the rental process for “CallABike”:

A customer calls the company via touch-tone and he/she will be provided four-digit number to open the bike. The customer will get another verification call after the lock had opened.

The rental price for a bike is six eurocents per minute or 3.6 Euro per hour (Those customers with discount cards only pay four cents per minute). If you want to go for a shopping or entertainment, you just need to set the bike to “Don’t return bike yet” in the menu of the lock box. You can unlock it with the code you have received initially afterward.

When you return the bike, make sure you lock the bike and select “return bike” on the menu. The bike will provide you a return code, and you just need to submit the code to the control center via phone.


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