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ElectraFlyer-C: The Electric Airplane beyond the Boundary!

2017-11-24 02:34  
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Have you ever heard about this song before, “I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away…” by Nelly Furtado? To be honest, it’s easier said than done, as we don’t have any wings and it’s impossible for us to fly high in the blue sky!

However, we still can achieve our dream, by constructing some awesome flying machine, such as this ElectraFlyer-C is one of the best examples.


As you can see on the above figure, this incredible ElectraFlyer-C was built with high-tech propulsion parts kit and large battery pack, custom built to fit the available space in the airplane. The airplane has been raised for more ground clearance and a larger, slower-turning and much more efficient prop was installed.

The static thrust has increased up to 60%, hence it’s much stable and balance than others electric airplane. The ElectraFlyer-C has been well-tested and the climb rate has increased dramatically.

After the upgrading, the flying character of the plane has changed from a very loud, vibrating experience to a smooth quiet ride. As a flying aviator, you must fall in love on this little fellow…

With ElectraFlyer-C, it allows you soars high above the blue, blue sky!

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