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Electronic Coin Toss Circuit Diagram

2017-12-21 13:22  
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Electronic Coin Toss Circuit

Electronic Coin Toss Circuit Diagram

This is electronic coin toss circuit using one CD4049 IC (Hex inverting buffer and TTL driver).? This IC has six buffers and it may be used independently. The buffers may be used as simple inverters, as voltage translators, or as current drivers for interfacing TTL or other logic.

Electronic Coin Toss Circuit Diagram

C10.01μF (103)
C20.01μF (103)
IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6CD4049
PB1Push to on switch
DISPLAY 1common cathode 7-segment display

The gate IC1 and IC2 of the IC and resistor? – condenser network from a relaxation oscillator. Gate IC3 of the IC is a buffer which isolates the oscillator from the load. Gates IC5 and IC6 are wired as a flip-flop. The LEDs will glow (either head or tail) when the corresponding gate’s output is high. The output of flip-flop will change states only when the input applied are compliment logic levels, example: high and low.For this gate IC4 is used.

cd4049 hex inverting buffer and ttl driver IC

Press the switch PB1 and release it. The LED will show for chance.

You can use a 7-segment common cathode display instead of LEDs to know the chance by reading the letters h and t.

CD4049 Electronic Coin Toss CircuitElectronic Coin Toss Circuit

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