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Electronic Projects Rickard Gun?e (PIC10F200)

2017-04-26 10:20  
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 This article describes the Electronic Projects Rickard Gunée (PIC10F200). The content is very simple, very helpful. Components in this article can help you understand better understanding of this article. For example, in this article, you can go to find and buy these components: PIC10F200.

Rickard Gunée - PIC Mini Dice

– Hardware description of the system that is running pong and tetris.

– A clock using the standard resistor colors ( 2) to show time with two RGB LEDs.

is an electronic dice based on a PIC10F200 and built with surface mounted components.

Even though this is a very simple project, it requires some surface mount soldering skills, proper tools, and a steady hand as it is built with surface mounted components only.


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