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Electronic circuit in fishing

2017-08-09 20:16  
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This article describes the electrons in the fishing circuit. The circuit is relatively simple, it is easy to grasp. Here you'll read the following diagram combine text it! This figure based on unsimmetrical multivibrator. In Figure is using components in each radio amateur, namely: two transistors (mn38 and mn40) - Capacitors 100 mkf 4 resistors, a variable - Electromagnetic (can be taken from the type of relay RS 4 RS -52 -10 -13-22 barter objects, etc.) can be taken for the winter fishing rods fishing and change. Circuit from 1 - 1,5 V? (Pressure depends on the use of solenoid valves). If you want a thorough understanding of the principles of the circuit, I suggest you can go to find out the important components of the circuit: mn38 and  mn40 . Diagram


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