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Electrosmog is a New Breakthrough for the Circuit Board

2017-11-30 09:31  
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Most people think it’s better to have the components’ size as smaller as possible, as it can save up many spaces and enable the manufacturers/users to adding up many other useful electronic components onto a project!

When the components are too densely packed, it can be interfered with one another. Let’s take an example, a near field scanner has the ability to detect weak fields and help to protect bank cards against any possible fraud efficiently!


However, there is a problem has to be overcome with the miniature size of the electronic components. The smaller the electronic components are the signal-to-noise ratios are greatly increasing as well! When this problem occurred, it will leave some negative effects.

A group of developers from the Fraunhofer ENAS has discovered a measuring system that can be used to locate even the weakest electrical and magnetic fields to an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimeter!

Furthermore, the developers claimed that they are now carry out some experiments to test for areas that respond sensitively to external fields.

They believed that the new Electrosmog’s technology can provide a time and space resolved images, where help the card developers to protect their products against all those nasty fraudsters in future…

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