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Even The Ripped Scotch Tape Can Emit X-Rays Too!

2017-11-28 14:10  
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You are living in a world that surrounding with many things, which most of them can be emitted X-rays in small or large amount. Beside of the X-rays scanner in clinic and hospital, there are still bunches of substances that can emit certain amount of X-rays, including the household stuffs, such as microwave, tanning lamps or even the Scotch Tape!

A group of scientists discovered that the Scotch tape could easily emit X-rays, if you’re peeling the adhesive tape off its roll in a vacuum chamber. The researchers also have made an X-ray image of one of their fingers for the proof!

The researchers still feeling very surprised and shocked that by only peeling the Scotch tape, it can generate such an enormous X-rays. The research group is currently doing a new experiment, where they will create a machine that can be peeled ordinary Scotch tape off a roll in a vacuum chamber in a speed of 1.2 inches per second. The rapid pulses of X-rays will be emerged from very close to where the tape was coming off the roll and X-rays will emit afterward!

By the way, there is no any X-rays are produced in the presence of air, if you’re using the Scotch tape in your everyday life. This X-rays emission is only valid when it’s putting in a vacuum chamber! So, please try no to misunderstand about the concept here… [discovery]

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