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FCC requirement Fax Mate Circuit

2017-08-16 22:48  
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Fax  Mate has built-in protection circuits to reduce the risk of damage from surges in phone and power line current. These protection circuits meet or exceed  FCC  requirements. However, lightning striking the phone
line or power lines can damage your Modem Mate.Lightning damage is not common. Nevertheless, if you live in an area that has frequent electrical storms, we suggest that you unplug your Modem Mate during storms
to reduce the possibility of damage.fax mate separates the fax machine from the phone line, rings the fax machine on command, connects equipment to incoming lines, and senses the end of the message. When a touch tone pound signal (#) is detected, it actuates a ring greater and driver for the fax macliirie (the # signal is not used in ordinary dialing). The connect signal is inhibited for this time (ring cycle). 1C46 runs for 15 s and drives part of the connect IC. Then the fax or modem has fired up and is sending out a handshake tone. IC6 connects the equipment for initial hookup and keeps the connect section powered. When the fax machine hangs up, the loop current detector turns off, and resets the system.

Fax Mate Circuit