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FM IF Subsystem with CA3189E

2017-09-03 08:10  
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TheCA3189E is a comprehensive FM-IF system designed for high fidelity FM tuners. It includes a three stage FM-IF amplifier/limiter configuration with level detectors for each stage, a double-balanced quadrature FM detector and an audio amplifier that features the optional use of a muting circuit. The advanced circuit design includes desirable special features such as delayed AGC for the RF tuner, an AFC drive circuit, and an output signal to drive a tuning meter and/or provide stereo switching logic. In addition, internal power supply regulators maintain a nearly constant current drain over the voltage supply range of 8V to 16V. Distortion is primary a function of the phase linearity characteristics of the external detector coil.
FM IF Subsystem with CA3189E

Features: 1.Exceptional limiting sensitivity :10uV(typical) at -3dB 2.Low distortion: 0.1% (with double-tuned coil) typical 3. Single coil tuning capability. 4. High recovered audio: 500mV (typical). 5. Internal supply-voltage regulators. 6. AGC threshol

Datasheet file1: Click here to download CA3189E.pdf datasheet.

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