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FT245RL USB FIFO IC - Single chip USB to parallel FIFO bidir

2017-08-23 20:16  
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A typical example of using the FT245R as a USB to Microcontroller (MCU) FIFO interface is illustrated in Figure1. This example uses two MCU I/O ports: one port (8 bits) to transfer data and the other port (4 or 5 bits) to monitor the TXE# and RXF# status bits and generate the RD# and WR strobes to the FT245R, when required. Using PWREN# for this function is optional. If the Remote Wakeup option is enabled in the internal EEPROM, during USB suspend mode RXF# becomes an input which can be used to wake up the USB host controller by strobing the pin low. FT245RL

                                                                 Figure 1. USB to MCU FIFO Interface