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Fantastic Atom Expander

2018-01-16 17:24  
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This is the schematic of the Fantastic Atom Expander


PC Board Layout

This is the printed circuit layout for the Fantastic Atom Expander


Parts Placement

This is the parts placement for the Fantastic Atom Expander



Total Qty.
C110.1uf Mylar Capacitor0.1uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
IC114017 IC 
IC21555 Timer IC 
L1-L9898Jumbo LED (any colour but blue) 
Q1-Q552N3904 NPN Transistor 
R114.7k Resistor 
R21680k Resistor 
R3-R74470 Ohm Resistor 
MISC1PC Board, 9V Battery Snap, IC Sockets 






The LEDs can be any colour but blue. For a very interesting effect, make one ring red, the next one green, the next one orange, then yellow, etc.The transistors can be most any inexpensive NPN transistor (2N2222, PN2222A, Etc.).For a very interesting (and expensive!) effect, replace the 2N3904's with 2N3055 power transistors on heatsinks and use 12 V 500ma incandescent bulbs instead of LEDs.




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