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Frequency response of discrete system

2017-12-22 22:04  
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In previous post we discussed about impulse response. Impulse response h(n) is digital system response in time domain. But there is another characterization of discrete system – frequency response H(ejω).

Frequency response can be calculated form impulse response by formula:


This means frequency response is systems transfer coefficient to every frequency value. Frequency response is a complex function. So this can be evaluated as:


where |H(ejω)| – is amplitude frequency response

image006.gif– phase frequency response.

There are two simple ways to calculate frequency response of discrete system:

First mentioned above – from impulse response;

Second – from discrete system equation:


Lets say we have digital filter described as:

y(n)=-a1·y(n-1) b0·x(n)

then frequency response of digital filter would be:

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