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Gabotronics Oscilloscopes and Embedded Kits (AD9833)

2017-07-05 13:20  
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Designs and manufactures embedded systems. Specialized in 8-32 bits microcontroller projects, instrumentation and data acquisition, PCB Layout, custom electronic designs and engineering consultation. Based in Palmetto, FL.


COMA The All in One Instrument, will enhance the original specifications, like using a TFT display and using a few external ICs to simplify the design, like the ICL7135 multimeter IC, and a DDS to generate the waveforms, probably the AD9833.

Is it a Calculator, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Analyzer….; No it is The Coma .

Gabotronics - Oscilloscopes and Embedded Kits

Some Features

2 Channel, 8bit 16MSPS OscilloscopeFFT on acquired data8 Channel Logic AnalyzerArbitrary Signal GeneratorFrequency GeneratorMultimeter:Volt Meter, 1 M ohm Input impedance

– An Instrument that propels an Engineer to a Superconscious State, It is under development. It was preceded by Coma an instrument capable of performing multiple tasks, data acquisition, signal generation and multimeter.


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