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Glitch-Free Clipper

2017-09-02 09:36  
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Adding a simple clamping circuit to a Harris 2620 high-speed op amp produces a glitch-free amplifier/ clipper. The op a
Glitch-Free Clipper

mp pin that controls the device`s bandwidth is a high-impedance, isolated input. This pin also tracks the device`s output voltage. Therefore, Dl, D2, RI, R2, and R3 will clamp the amplifier`s output voltage only when the amplifier`s input voltage exceeds your clamping-voltage limits. VD is the diode drop of Dl or D2. where Vx and Vy are the clamping circuit`s bias voltages. Choosing R lets you determine the values of R2 and R3. Try a value for Ri around 3 kfi. One example of this circuit had clamping voltages of ?± 3.7 V and exhibited THD below - 75 dB for a sinusoidal, 30-kHz input signal. When the input signal increased beyond the ?± 3.7-V clamping voltage, the clipper symmetrically clamped the output voltage with no glitches in the waveform.

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