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Handy Talky 27 Mhz (IRFR9024PBF)

2017-07-14 16:42  
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Handy Talkycircuithas the
advantage of this kind can double loudspeaker. On receipt, serves as a
loudspeaker, and at the radiating function as a microphone.

Transmitter section
Handy Talkytransmitter section uses a single transistor level. Thecircuitwas built by Tr. Output frequency is determined crystal X, (in this case the frequency 27,125MHz).Transmittercircuitis part ofHandy Talky
transmitter oscillator. Transmission power about 100 mW. Of power is
not strengthened, but is fed directly to a series of “tank pi” to the
next through the rod antenna is emitted into the atmosphere. Although
the transmitter is small (only 100 mW k) but with the receivercircuitcan be used to communicate both ways as far as approximately 3 kilometers.

Transmitterantennas will be received by the receiving antenna and tuned by L1. Thesignal
is fed to the RF amplifier circuits TR1. Then the signals are mixed by a
mixer with the results of the local oscillator frequency. The frequency
of this mixture the amount of 455 kHz. Furthermore, thesignal
with a frequency of 455 kHz IF amplifierboosted again by that in the
scheme represented by TR3, Tr4, with transformer IF1,IF2 and IF3. The
results strengthen the IF amplifier is a mixture of audio
frequencies.dam the carrier frequency. By the detector, an audio
frequency will be separated from the carrier frequency, and then feeds
amplified by AF amplifier section. To be the voice on the loudspeaker
remains constant, does not swing, it is necessary to set the AGC.
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