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Hearing impaired audible automotive turn indicator

2017-08-15 13:20  
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An audible automotive turn signal device is provided and consists of a flasher unit having a female socket mating with a male plug which is electrically connected to an audible turn indicator and lamps of the system. In a modification an adjustable feature is built into the male plug so as to extend the blades for better contact with the female socket in the flasher unit.This little circuit should be useful to the hearing impaired. It produces a tone each time a dashboard turn indicator lights.The tone drops in frequency for as long asthe indicator is lit.The audible turn indicator has a pair of terminals connected to the contacts  in the flasher unit , the battery and the indicator lamps via the switch device. An audible automatic turn signal device, further comprising a pair of screws, each of said screws threaded into each end of each of said rack members to act as a terminal for said plug for connection to wires extending from the terminals of the audible turn indicator.
Automotive Audible-Turn Indicator Circuit