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Hf Broadband Antenna Preamp Circuit

2017-09-01 10:42  
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The HF/SW receiver preamplifier is comprised of a broadband toroidal transformer (LI-a and Ll-b), LC network (comprised of a 1600-kHz, high- pass filter-and a 32-MHz, low-pass filter), L2 and L3 (26 turns of #26 enameled wire wound on an Amidon Associates T-50-2, red, toroidal core), a pair of resistive attenuators (ATTN1 and ATTN2), and a MAR-x device.Shown here is the composition of a basic 1-dB pi-network resistor antenuator.
Hf Broadband Antenna Preamp Circuit

This is the method of supplying dc power to a preamplifier using only the RF coax cable.

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