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High Current Variable Voltage Regulator 2-36V 10A

2018-01-25 19:19  
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Yesterday I no enhance the circuit in my blog. Today lead High Current power supply 10A and Can Adjustable Voltage or Variable Voltage Regulator 2V to 36V. By the prominent point of this circuit. Be there is the a little equipment and is simple have VR1 for control Volt output. For the equipment must use the size is appropriate. If use the a little value goes to get Current not tall on schedule keep, such as The Transformer use 10A, Transistor sizes should are the number that notes , and A capacitors should choose many values especially C1 – 18000 uF , use 10000uF values wasp parallel can. For other detail , friends sees in the circuit please yes.

High Current Variable Voltage Regulator 2-36V 10A

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