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High Input Voltage regulators Using LM340

2018-01-22 11:25  
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This circuit can generate voltage 15V. In these circuit LM340 input voltage must remain within the limits specified in the data sheet. If the device is operated above the absolute maximum input voltage rating, two failure modes can occur. With the output shorted to ground, or, even with the output is not grounded, the transistor Q1 may fail because it is operated with the collector-emitter voltage of about 4.0V below the input. If the supply is available only running at a higher voltage than the specified maximum, one of the simplest ways to protect the regulator is to connect the zener diode in series with input from the device to level shift the input voltage. Here is a schematic drawing:

High Input Voltage regulators Using LM340 High Input Voltage regulators Using LM340

Source circuit : National Semiconductor Application

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