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High Voltage Parallel Programmer AVR

2018-01-14 00:08  
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AVR has two different programming modes calledParallel Programming Mode(Parallel Mode) andSerial Downloading Mode(ISP mode).

At the Parallel Mode, the device to be programmed is put on the programmer’s socket and 12 volts programming voltage is required to its RESET pin. Communicating between the programmer and the device is done in parallel programming commands, so that the programing speed is two times faster than ISP mode. This programming mode is used to pre-program many devices or/and ISP mode cannot use due to the board design. However, most programmers except STK500 seem not to support this programming mode. Using High voltage parallel programmer can recovery wrong fuse bit setting.

Schematics Download :

Circuit Diagram for Parallel/HVS ProgrammerSocket Converters for Parallel ProgrammerCircuit Diagram for 8/14pin HVS Programmer

Software Download :

AVRPP.EXE(Win32) & Source


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