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Home made solder masking with Kapton tape

2017-12-23 01:55  
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Always wandered how to solder SMD chips nicely on home brew PCB with simple soldering iron? If you try solder directly with no precautions, your solder joints get “run” along traces that doesnt look very nice. If are looking for simple solution, check out this nice PCB soldering tutorial, where high temperature Kapton tape is used as soldering mask.

diy soldering mask

Using high temperature tape solder masking you can also solder dip components, headers. This way you will be able to get prefect solder joints. Author uses high temperature Kapton tape that withstands 400oC. Also I found nice and cheaper replacement of it here at Dealextreme which works up to 300oC and should work normally. Kapton tape can also be used for patching pins of SMD components without bridging neighbor pins.

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