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How far is printable electronics

2017-11-22 10:08  
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Xerox has announced their new technology that enables to print electronics circuits on various surfaces like clothes, tapes or other materials. Their technology uses ink that contain silver metal to make printouts conductive.


Earlier liquid silver tended to be inconvenient for printing on plastic surfaces due to high temperature – now they found better inc compound that works in much lower temperatures. Such technology can change much in electronics marketplace as circuits can be printed directly on clothes – what allows to create cheaper interactivity in games. Other mass usage could be printable RFID tags in supermarkets.

β€œThe technology uses conventional inkjet printing methods, and though Xerox has used it with conventional desktop printers, the company expects that it would use continuous-feed printers that print on rolls rather than sheets of material. It doesn’t require the super-clean environments needed for conventional silicon chip manufacturing.

The Xerox process actually requires printing three layers on a substrate: a semiconductor, a conductor and a dielectric. The silver ink is the layer that conducts electricity.” [news.cnet.com]

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