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IC555 Interal diagram and description

2017-11-30 21:59  
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LM555IC 300x224

IC 555 has been one of the most popular ICs since Signetics introduced it in the early 70s. 555 is also called as a TIMER IC. This 8-pin chip is a versatile device suitable for astable, mono-stable and bi-stable operations. It is such a multipurpose device that hobbyists find clever uses of it everyday. It is so rugged that it is safe and thrilling for making a good beginning.

Before we start, let us learn just a word about astable, monostable, and bistable without again going into technical details.Astable is an oscillator. In other words it generates a continuous wave.Monostable operation is also called one shot and it is basically a time delay.

Bistable operation is one in which the output goes either high or low.Internally IC 555 contains more than 28 transistors. We only need to fix two or three external components to produce an oscillator with a frequency from 1Hz to 500 KHz or obtain a time delay from a few microseconds to hours. It can directly drive a small speaker for audio alarms delivering about 250mW of power.Here we have the pin out in Figure 16 and a small description of the pin assignments, without the bothering details of upper comparator, lower comparator, threshold, control flip-flop, and discharge, etc.

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