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IEEE1394 Bit Frame Grabber Circuit

2017-08-16 20:50  
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 IEEE1394 is particularly suitable for transferring vast amounts of data such as video and audio. In this study, we developed an IEEE1394 image transfer circuit and a frame grabber circuit. The IEEE1394 image transfer circuit transfers data from an IEEE1394  camera to the frame grabber circuit via IEEE1394. The frame grabber circuit processes the data received from the IEEE1394 interface and displays the processed data on a monitor directly without the help of a personal computer(PC).When the user set character (D0 through D7) from a computer matches the character programmed on S1A through S1H, the output from J2 becomes low. This device can be used as a test aid to check printer cable or as a control circuit for interfacing with a computer.In the frame grabber circuit, an field programmable gate array(FPGA) is used to implement a variety of image processing algorithms. Therefore, the whole system, that is the IEEE1394 interface circuit and frame grabber circuit, can operate in stand-alone mode, without the need for a PC.

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