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Implantable telescope

2017-11-30 23:15  
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Consider all living things human being is a strange creation in this world because he sense and analyze the problem. For human being many sense organs are there like eye, ear, tongue, nose and the skin. In these five parts eye is very important without eye very difficult to live in this universe. Eye is the one of the most important organs in the body to provide vision to the human being. Some time eye lose its sensitivity by seeing the unwanted lights, radiation, continuous watching of television these all factors severely affects the eye. Rather than these factors, due to age eye lose its sensitivity. Whenever eye loses its sensitivity to identify something, suddenly consult any nearest doctor otherwise it leads to a big problem. If eye problem is happen due to the over age then the correct treatment for this problem isimplantable telescope.

Why this implantable telescope is needed:

Some of the human being having this problem, due to over age light not able to penetrate and touch the retinal surface so due to this eye does not provide a clear vision to the people. The age macular degeneration is affected due to this most of the people lost their vision. So this implantable telescope is designed for providing the clear vision with good quality for the people who are affected by macular degeneration. The macula is not functioning well this is the only reason we go for this device.



First of all what is macula it is a frequently asked question by the patients it is nothing but the area, which is lying in the center of the retina. This region or area is only responsible for the whole vision of human being. If this area is affected or not able to function well then there is a severe cause to the people.

Why macula is affected:

Macula is the very sensitive area in the eye; it is very vital part for the eye. By continuously using the television, computer, severely affect the macula region. The radiation emerge from the compute and the television is directly affect the retina, the central part of the retina is macula there it is severely affected by the radiation. If you want permanently free from this issue then you have to go for the implant telescope.

Size and shape:

This implant telescope is in very small size and it is very compatible to the eye. The size of the telescope is less than four millimeter and the shape of the telescope is very different it contains two wings to magnify the image. The magnification is in the range of 2X to 3X. So using this telescope you gets an enhanced central vision with greater quality. This device protects the macula area from the unwanted region so you permanently free from the unwanted radiation or the radiation that affects your eye. This telescope is fixing it in your eye through operation, so it helps to you to do your daily activities without any difficulties. The cost of the operation is high when it comes but now become very cheaper in all the hospitals.

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