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Improved infrared receiver for PC with s(TSOP1738)

2016-11-11 18:29  
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This article describes the Improved infrared receiver for PC with s (TSOP1738). The content is very simple, very practical. The components of the article can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this part of the principle, you can go to find and purchase the components: TSOP1738. 

schem th Improved infrared receiver for PC with s

This is a general purpose serial port infrared receiver. With
the help of appropriate softw1are (see below) you can control
different functions of your pc from a distance. For example you
can control your home cinema settings (volume, play, pause, stop
etc), your winamp etc.

It uses for receiver TSOP1738 (38 KHz) but it worked well
with TSOP 1736 (36 KHz) and a remote Sony which works at 40Mhz.

The tw1o transistors light up the led when a signal is received. Any kind of led will fit