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Increase the regulators current circuit diagram

2017-08-09 18:38  
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This article is to increase the regulator circuit diagram. The circuit is very simple, very cheap, but it is very effective. If you want to more thoroughly grasp the principle, you can have an idea of the circuit is the important component, such as: TIP2955 , LM7805C . A power transistor is used to supply additional current load regulator, to maintain a constant voltage. ? 650 ma current flows through the regulator, above this value and power transistor will begin to provide additional current load. It should be in an appropriate heat sink, because it is likely to become quite hot. Assume that you are using 12 v regulator, 7812. The input voltage should be high to allow the voltage drop a few volts. Suppose 20 v. Also assume that, load will draw 5 amperes. In the transistor integrated circuit or power consumption will be saturated pressure drop *? (first) * 8 = 40 watts. It can keep you warm in the winter, but you need a big heat sink with good heat dissipation. If you want to increase the output current and negative regulators, such as the 79 xx series, the circuit is similar, but a power NPN transistor used to replace. 



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