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2017-04-14 08:33  
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small adc low power This article describes the Industry's Smallest 2-channel ADC Saves Space and Power (MAX11645). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: MAX11645.

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX11645, the industry’s smallest 2-channelADC. This 12-bit I2CADCincludes an internal reference in a tiny 1.9mm x 2.2mm wafer-level package (WLP). A 4 × 3 bump array with 0.5mm pitch facilitates layout on four-layerPCBs, while a slim 0.64mm height makes it perfect for designs laying components out on both sides of thePCB. ThisADCminimizes both external component count and total solution size, only requiring a 0.1μF ceramic bypass capacitor on the supply voltage input. Combining a compact footprint with best-in-class power dissipation (18μW at 1ms conversion times), the MAX11645 is well suited for applications ranging from energy-harvesting sensors, to portable consumer electronics, to point-of-load monitoring (voltage, current, and temperature) in networking and computer systems.

The MAX11645 is capable of sample rates up to 94ksps—28x faster than the nearest competitor in a comparable solution size. By taking advantage of theADC’s high sample rate, multiple channels can be converted in a short period of time. This capability allows the device to spend more time in shutdown mode, further reducing total system power consumption.

The MAX11645 operates from a single 2.7V to 3.6V supply and includes a 2.048V internal reference. This 12-bitADCoffers up to 70dBSINAD, ±1LSB(max)INLandDNLerror, plus 0.3ppm/°C gain-error temperature drift. Input signals in the 0 toVREF(unipolar) or ±VREF/2 (bipolar) range can be resolved with true 12-bit accuracy.

The MAX11645 is the latest release in Maxim’s extensive I&sub2;CADCfamily. Offering pin- and software-compatible 2-/4-/8-/12-channel, 8-/10-/12-bitADCs enables designers to easily trade off space, performance, and cost on platform designs. Uniquely, theseADCs also include internal references,FIFOs, and selectable scan modes. Refer to the selection table for the complete listing of MAX116xx I2CADCs.

For applications that require less than 12-bit resolution, the MAX11647 is a pin-compatible 10-bit version of the MAX11645. The MAX11645/MAX11647 are offered in 12-bumpWLPand 8-pin μMAX? packages, and are guaranteed over the40°C to 85°C extended temperature range. Production quantities are available now. Pricing starts at $1.25 (1000-up,FOBUSA). Evaluation kits are available for the 4, 8-, and 12-channel versions (MAX11613/MAX11615/MAX11617) of theseADCs.


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