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Inexpensive Plastic ? The Alternative Material to be used in

2017-11-26 09:35  
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You thought that the inexpensive plastic that being used in manufacturing CDs and DVDs has its limitation, then you’re totally wrong!

According to Shay Curran, the experienced professor of physics from University of Houston and his talented research team have demonstrated ultra high electrical conductive properties in plastics. It given named as “Polycarbonates”, they done it by mixing them with just the right amount and type of carbon nanotubes into it!


Curran said that he has began this research a decade ago, when his at Trinity College, Dublin. In that moment, he started to look at high-conductive plastic in a slightly different manner. Curran discovered that by simply combining nanotubes with polycarbonates, they’re able to create nanocomposites with ultra-high conductive properties!

Furthermore, Curran mentioned that by making this very inexpensive plastic becoming highly conductive, can bring many benefits to many industries, such as from military aircraft to personal computer. By using the modified inexpensive plastics in the computer niche, it can help to overcome the computer failure and increase the lifespan of computing devices.

Curran and his team are now trying their best to develop a much stronger and higher conductive inexpensive plastic. He hoped that they’re able to finish the experiment as soon as possible! [sciencedaily]

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