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Inflatable Towers ? The New Frontier for Reaching the Edge o

2017-11-25 05:29  
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In the past, it is totally a myth, when someone said he/she could climb high up to the edge of space without needing to ride on a rocket! Well, thanks to the advent technology, the myth is soon becoming a reality…

A research team from York University in Toronto, Canada is under testing the GIANT inflatable tower. According to the earlier testimonial, if the inflatable tower is built from a suitable mountain top, it could reach an altitude of around 20 kilometers. Hence, it would be available for the atmospheric research, communication, tourism or even launching spacecrafts from the base!

View from inflatable tower

Here’s the idea of the research team: The inflatable tower is construct from Kevlar-polyethylene composite tubes, and it will be inflated with a lightweight gas, such as helium or hydrogen.

They have carried out the test, where they built a 7-meter scale model made up of six modules. Each of the modules was built out of three laminated polyethylene tubes (It measures 8 centimeters in diameter) mounted around circular spacers and inflated with helium/hydrogen air!

With the inflatable towers, it allows the countries to saving up many expenses on rocket launches. So, let’s cross our fingers and waiting for the good news from the developers! Maybe, we can have a “space tour’ in the near future, by climbing up the inflatable tower. [newscientist]

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