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Infrared Link circuit schematic presentation

2017-08-16 19:24  
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This article describes an infrared link circuit schematic presentation. The principle is simple there, we recommend that combine text carefully read the complete schematic. Figure: The circuit contains a basic infrared transmitter and receiver. Comprises a single amplification stage drive two series connected infrared light-emitting diodes. Input power is connected to j - 1. Note that the device will be a small DC current through it, but also directly biasing transistor. Appropriate equipment, so it is a high output crystal microphone. These can produce a high output voltage of 1 volt but this will reduce the transistor low input impedance. The receiver is in three stages, the first stage is a phototransistor. Stages 2 and 3 to form a high-gain Darlington emitter follower, biasing the entire stage derived through R2 and a phototransistor itself. C1 and R3 form a filter to reduce interference from fluorescent lighting and other hum sources. The output is via jack J2. Note that the output device is a small DC current through the impedance of the  speaker  or hwadphones so media is a good choice here. Read more times, is conducive to a better grasp of this principle.


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