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Infrared cameras and night vision illuminator range

2017-08-15 15:08  
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This article describes an infrared illuminator cameras and night vision scope. The principle is simple there, we recommend that combine text carefully read the complete schematic. This source uses light-emitting diodes and an unstable oscillator control switch, bandwidth ratio, and effective infrared light output. An important component of this circuit is IRF511 . For your better grasp this principle, let's introduce a bit this component. These are N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistors. They are advanced power MOSFETs designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown avalanche mode of operation. All of these power MOSFETs are designed for applications such as switching regulators, switching convertors, motor drivers, relay drivers, and drivers for high power bipolar switching transistors requiring high speed and low gate drive power. These types can be operated directly from integrated circuits.IRF511 features are:
• 4.9A, and 5.6A, 80V and 100V
• rDS (ON) = 0.54Ω and 0.74Ω
• Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Rated
• SOA is Power Dissipation Limited
• Nanosecond Switching Speeds
• Linear Transfer Characteristics
• High Input Impedance
• Related Literature
- TB334 "Guidelines for Soldering Surface Mount Components to PC Boards"
To better grasp this principle, it is recommended to read several times on this principle.

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