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Intec xbox 360 psu

2018-01-20 06:14  
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Xbox 360 power supply by Intec

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Xbox 360 Power Supply by Intec power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Xbox 360 Power Supply by Intec
In the market there is an Xbox 360 power supply made ??by Intec, which is designed specifically for use suited with the Xbox 360. Novelty has several features that are not available on the normal network Xbox 360 adapter. In ...

Xbox Power Supply
Xbox needs Xbox Power Supply to work. Xbox is really a game made by Microsoft company. The game was on 15 Nov 2001 in the us, 22 Feb 2002 in The japanese, 14 March 2002 released in around australia and ...

Xbox 360 Power Supply Specs
Xbox power supply have different specifications for each series from the Xbox itself. An example of that difference, for example in power output and voltage input from the Xbox. If you want to replace your Xbox power supply, the first ...

40V Regulated Power Supply based TIP42A and LM317
This is a 40V Regulated Power Supply, built using IC LM317 as regulator and TIP42A as electric current amplifier. Component part:? Regulated Power Supply R1 = 3R9 1 or 2W R2 = 22R R3 = 6K8 R4 = 220R R5 ...

Simple Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
This schematic is simply a basic system of UPS (uninteruptible power supply). The main schematic gives a continuous regulated 5 Volt result with an not regulated 12 Volt supply. Regarding electricity line fail the battery will take control, without any ...

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