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Introduction of Laser TV threatens plasma and LCD TV market

2017-11-24 14:58  
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The recent advancements in the field of science and technology has inspired common man to follow the path laid by astounding gifts of science. Television is all time favorite pass time of people living all over the world. Hence people demand quality in viewing thereby motivating scientists and manufacturers to come up with certainly best technology to inspire them to buy. As it is now consumer’s market now a day, this involves various choices to customer to ponder upon. Hence it is the duty of manufacturer to develop ways to make the buyer satisfied about the product inducing him / her to go in for procurement. This summarizes overall outlook of market in recent years. Customers want change to happen as quickly as possible and demand that change to be highly beneficial for them. This enables manufacturers to materialize the ideas proposed by research and development department present in particular firm. All this provoked the introduction of Laser TV to conquer the whole world in years to come. With the proposal of introduction of laser TV one can ensure that laser TV has all the capabilities to institute effective revolution as far as the television viewing is concerned.

Theory behind laser TV


Application of lasers is quite awe-inspiring enabling the advent of new technological advancements to rule the world at least for a year or two.Laser TV utilizes all the positive aspects provided by lasers to suffice the demands placed by a customer. Use of semiconductor lasers to project the images has provoked manufacturers to implement them for production of good quality pictures using laser technique. This is been quite eminently incorporated for production of commercial television with improved level of performance. Laser technique employed in projection constitutes three types of lasers of varied wavelengths. These wavelengths give out different color such as red, blue and green. But practically use of laser of blue and green wavelengths are impossible at normal ambient conditions. Hence this incorporates new technique namely frequency doubling to materialize the implementation of blue and green lasers. It uses generation of harmonic waves to carry the images for projection. This enables powerful image processing and image projection. This also reduces flickering on screens providing grandeur look to the pictures. Hence the overall performance of television is totally enhanced by great numbers.

Comparison of laser TV with plasma and LCD TV


Hue mixing in laser TV is quite precise enabling best performance in projection of all vibrant colors. The ability of laser technique to reproduce images with utmost definition influences quality of projection in positive way. The perception of images may be quite clear and registering in mind with ultimate accuracy. Also laser TV facilitates better color palette that enables flickering effect to go out of thinking. The construction is simple with lesser design constraints when compared to LCD and plasma television. The high power rating of lasers reduction in degradation of images than in other television technologies. It emulates economics factor bestowing people with lesser expenditure on displays.

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