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InvenSense Integrated Gyro and Accelerometer (MPU-6000)

2017-05-20 17:35  
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This article introduces the InvenSense Integrated Gyro and Accelerometer (MPU-6000). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: MPU-6000.MPU6000 

InvenSense is highlighting their newMPU-6000 integrated Gyro and Accelerometer device. Not only are the Gyro and Accelerometer integrated, the device also includes a secondary I2C port that can connect magnetometer devices from many different vendors. This two chip solution results in a completeIMUreference system with heading reference. The integration is great, but that isn’t the part that really gets me excited.

It takes quite a lot of processing power to perform the calculations required to build a workingIMU. The calculations to track the orientation of the device or vehicle alone would use up a significant portion of the processing power of an 8-bitMPU. Try adding in all of the rest of the logic needed for a complete system, and space andCPUcycles become scarce commodities. TheMPU-6000 includes a hardware Digital Motion Processor (DMP). This is a huge savings in processing power.

TheDMPis a great addition, but InvenSense also includes Motion Processing Library (MPL) that can be used on a range of hardware platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, and even small processors such as the XMega line from Atmel. InvenSense is providing a truly turn-key solution to the exploding market of devices that use motion to control more and more devices in our lives.

This device is a welcome addition to the line of products in the motion line of sensors, and it would be a fantastic chip, even if the device accuracy was as good as the typical devices on the market. But, that isn’t the case. Now, your probably thinking “here comes the kicker, the bad news…” but, the gyro accuracy of these devices is actually significantly better than the competition, and even better than their previous products!

You can find the details about the products on the InvenSense website. TheMPU-6000 is currently sampling (good luck getting a sample, I’ve tried – these things are flying out the door!). Full production is on track for the summer.

Here is a short video of one application of the InvenSense products


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