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Is green technology really green?

2017-11-21 12:54  
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It is necessary that we understand clearly whatgreen technologyis before we get into se whether the green technology is really green. Green technology means use of the technology in such a manner that it will not affect the environment and will not harm the natural resources. They should beenvironmental friendly.? This green technology is being otherwise referred by the term clean technology or the environment technology. At present the green technology can be considered to be in the initial stages of the development. As the years turn around, in the future, thegreen technologywill become very bright and there will be some improvement in the standards of the environment. Hence the important objective or the aim of the green technology is to find technological ways, which will damage the earth’s resource. The green technology aims in producing materials, which can be recycled and also can be reused. It also fins the technology such that the amount of the waste gets reduced during the process of the consumption and the fabrication stages.


Types of the green technology

There are manycategories of the green technology,which are the energy, preferred purchasing, chemistry, building and the Nanotechnology. Since the green technology is concerned with the production of the advanced materials, the Nanotechnology can be considered as the basic step of the green technology since it is concerned with science of the materials in the smallest scale.? It is one of the new buzz in the society, which will be helping to fight the global warming which is occurring at a very fast rate in the existing situation, but the presentgreen technology is not completely greenand the materials, which are said to be green, are giving out some amount of the harmful gases. Hence there should be lots of efforts and the study, which must be done to make this technology completely green.

Alternative sources of the energy

Though the awareness about the green technology has started to improve, still there is large distance to be traveled before we realize the full green technology.Alternative sources of the energymust be massively popularized in order to clean energy. These alternative sources of the energy such as the solar energy, wind energy do not harm the environment since they do not release any harmful gases such as the carbon di oxide, which causes the green house effect. The other important requirement of the green technology is the sustainable development. The nuclear energy might not produce any green house gases but they produce the harmful wastes, which cannot be re uses or recycled. By controlling the distribution of the particles in the quantum ion to the range of about few nanometers it is possible to obtain white source of the light, which is completely green

Efforts to make use of green technology

In order to popularize the use of the green technology the various international governments should provide incentives such as the tax benefits to the firms, which use of thesolar energy, wind energy etc.


If green technology research work can attract huge amount of funds for development with proper progress, this technology can surely preserve the environment by the use of thecomplete green technology

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