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It's Time For Us To Travel Through The Space!

2017-11-26 06:29  
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If you’re a big fan of Star Wars or Star Trek, then you must be amazed with all the space ships and space traveling, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered that maybe in one day, you can travel in the space and have a space adventure?

Well, your dream will soon become a reality; where there is a new project named “Space Elevator” is on its way to be launched in the near future! A big conference discussing developments in space elevator is being held in Japan in this upcoming November, there are over hundred of engineers, and scientists from Asia, Europe and the Americas are working together. Their final objective is to build a lift that will take you directly to the one hundred-thousandth floor, straight from the Earth to the outer space!


Well, it might be sound like a one thousand and one night’s tale here, but once it successfully built, the space elevator would be the most spectacular human artificial in humankind history!

For your information, a cable will be anchored to the Earth’s surface and reaching tens of thousands of kilometers into space. This Space Elevator keeping its balance with a counterweight attached at the other end!

It’s definitely a revolutionary for human technology and the space journey is about to begin here…

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